Michael Ward on Friday, May 18



Originally made for CBC television in Canada, Catwalkis a riotous documentary about the world of Canadian cat show competitions.

Directors Aaron Hancox and Michael McNamara open viewers up to a fascinating world of low-cost cat shows, where cats are judged and evaluated and receive scores along a multi-month season of events and exhibitions. What emerges is a subculture I knew very little about and grew to fall in love with almost instantly.

The film builds to essentially a two-feline race between a Turkish Angora named Bobby (the defending champion) and the emergence of a fluffy red Persian named Ooh La La (because, of course it is…).

We meet the owners, travel the circuit, get to know the husband-and-wife judging tandem, and see a sense of community created that warms the heart, even when Bobby’s owner seems ready to explode in emotional outbursts every time Ooh La La performs well at a competition and threatens her reign as best in show.

Documentary Featuring: Kim Langille, Bobby, Shirley McCollow, Ooh La La
Director: Aaron Hancox, Michael McNamara
Running Time: 75 MInutes

May 19 | SIFF Cinema Uptown | 3:30 PM
May 20 | SIFF Cinema Uptown | 1:00 PM
June 2 | Shoreline Community College | 3:30 PM