Entanglement (2018)

NR Running Time: 85 mins



  • Fans of indie rom-coms will see this as an appealing diversion from much of what is out in the marketplace.


  • Entanglement just never really does anything all that memorable. It's well-acted and easy to watch, but a movie that checks off all the boxes - indie rock music cues, snappy dialogue, self-loathing, romance, etc.


Ben is depressed, struggling, and suicidal. After a family medical scare, he learns that his parents rescinded an adoption, which would have brought Ben a sister. He sets out to see if he can find this potential sister-to-be and stumbles into Hanna, a firebrand personality who rocks his world, in comedy/drama hybrid Entanglement.

Jason James' film stars "Silicon Valley" star Thomas Middleditch alongside Jess Weixler as Ben and Hanna, respectively, and the film carries itself with a removed, hipster aesthetic, which makes connections frustrating for the viewer. Well-acted, with Weixler and Middleditch developing strong chemistry in their scenes together, Jason Filiatrault's screenplay struggles to find a cohesive voice and veers from drama to bleak comedic flourishes with unfortunate inconsistencies.

Along the way, Ben learns more about his estranged parents and begins to see what life may have been like with a sister, although Hanna proves to be much more than meets the eye for Ben, vulnerable and downtrodden for much of the film.

Entanglement is a decent watch, but one whose potential largely outweighs the final product. Sadly, the film plays cute and coy when it strives for drama and occasionally hollow when it aims for a slice-of-life, everyday situational comedy.


Starring: Thomas Middleditch, Jess Weixler, Nicole LaPlaca, Diana Bang, Randal Edwards, Marilyn Norry, Eric Keenleyside, Johannah Newmarch.

Director: Jason James
Written by: Jason Filiatrault
Release Date: February 9, 2018
Dark Star Pictures
*Originally reviewed as part of the 2017 Seattle International Film Festival