Michael Ward on Thursday, August 23


In the quiet, contemplative town of North Bend, Washington, located approximately 20 minutes from the Should I See It backyard (!), the North Bend Film Festival kicks off August 23-26, 2018, bringing groundbreaking genre features and short films to the population of around 6,800 folks. With an impressive array of filmmakers, publicists, and executives bringing this inaugural event together, with juries of local film critics, executives, and movie experts, the interest and intrigue for this new regional festival is off the charts. 

Should I See It will be documenting the festival and reviewing some of the features on display at the Festival over the next few days. 

From the festival's website:

"Best known as the original shooting location for cult-hit and recently re-birthed TWIN PEAKS, North Bend will be home to the North Bend Film Festival from August 23rd to the 26th, 2018. Using the town’s fantastical and mysterious energy that once inspired David Lynch, the festival will set out to fill the void of programming for the progressive audiences in the Pacific Northwest, and to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers. Working directly with the town of North Bend, NBFF will be an event for the local community, Northwest creatives, and national genre film industry to enjoy together."

Note: All images and information is courtesy of the North Bend Film Festival and studios and production companies.