Should I See It is a website for all types of film fans…from the occasional film watcher to the frequent movie goer.  While Should I See It is a film review-heavy website, a focus is made on not just whether the subject film is good or not, but also takes the time to break down the pros and cons of the film in the hopes of answering the question that brought you to the site in the first place; namely, SHOULD I SEE IT?

Mike Ward, Editor/Publisher/Lead Reviewer

Rotten Tomatoes Approved Reviewer



My love of film began at the age of 7 when my parents not only gave me a television, but HBO to boot. My passion for film, music, and frankly, pop culture, in general can be isolated to this one incident from my youth. After landing a dream job (for me) at the local hometown video store in my high school years, I was able to assist the store owners in seeking out, stocking, and buying independent titles and foreign films, as well as creating a store newsletter and helping develop promotions around the Academy Awards. College brought a study of film aesthetics, story development, technique, and analysis; however, I quickly realized that while this was information I took to heart and enjoyed having, that knowledge didn’t always translate to the real reason we love movies – we love the potential a film has in making us feel a wide range of possible emotions.

We love to laugh and we sometimes like a good cry.  We like to be scared, riveted on the edge of our seat, and many like to have a film say something.  Most of all however, we want to be entertained.  The reviews found on Should I See It do feature my subjective opinion, but also keep YOU, the viewer in mind, with the hope of answering that age-old question that Mike, Pam, Jamilyn, Geoff, Russ, Ryan, Wendy, and so many others were asked every single day in that video store…

Andie Pitts, Reviewer


Film has been my greatest passion for my entire life, but it really came alive when I started watching TCM at 10 years old. Now as a senior in high school, I am putting that passion for film into anything I can. I am a part of a small student filmmaking business and a photography business. Also, I make short films to submit in film festivals and I take classes at school on film and photography. I first reached out to Mike in hopes of expanding my knowledge in the cinema world, and working alongside him has done just that. My passions for film and photography have only grown and I look forward more and more every day to what my future holds behind a camera.